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About Us

Chivalry Consulting, Inc. is a technical and business consulting firm providing our clients with high quality and efficient services since 1998. Our team looks forward to combining our expertise with the most appropriate solution to make your company more effective, increase your productivity and give your company a competitive advantage in your industry. We work with you to evaluate your requirements and determine the best way to achieve your goals. We maintain best practices throughout the process that are true to our name.


Chivalry Consulting is an engine powered by referrals. How do we hire? Referrals. How do we find new clients? Mostly through referrals. How do we expand existing business? Again, referrals.

Advertising is expensive. Qualified salespeople are expensive. Who winds up paying for that overhead? You do, whether you’re the consultant seeing less of each check, or the client, paying more for each hour of work.

We maintain no sales staff. How can a high-level consulting company survive without sales staff? Through the power of reputation. A client we went over-the-top to help is likely to mention us to other clients. A company that saved millions of dollars with us is probably going to call us again when they need something. We literally let our work do the talking. And based on results, our work says nice things about us.


In keeping with our medieval name (Chivalry), there’s an old saying: “A village reputation is rarely wrong.” In other words, the people who have been there, who have worked alongside a person, usually have a realistic appraisal of that person’s competence and skillset. Is she easy to work with? Is he as smart as he seems to be? Does she focus on the mission? Can he think laterally to find solutions?

When seeking a new employee, you see a resume. Maybe it’s accurate, maybe it’s padded. You conduct an interview. Which tells you how well the candidate interviews, more than anything else. But how do you really know if the candidate is right for the job?

At Chivalry, we try to leverage a consultant’s “village reputation,” which is formed by real-world, real-time work experience. We know the sorts of people we want to work with, and we ask them who they want to work with. Good people refer more good people, and a virtuous circle is formed.

Chivalry Consulting benefits from a simple truth: smart, driven, high-energy employees want to be around people like themselves. Like attracts like. By using our system of internal and external referrals, we let this simple truth of human nature do most of our recruiting.

Our business methodology has two overriding characteristics: it’s simple, and it works. You can’t ask for more than that.


Chivalry’s mission is to put the right people at the right place in the right time. We align expertise with solutions that help clients perform at the highest levels, creating sustainable value, and improving the way they do business.

The Chivalry Advantage


  • The combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, especially courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help those in need

synonyms: nobility, bravery, courage, boldness, valor, daring, intrepidity, bushido

A chivalric knight was a bit of a paradox. On the one hand, he was expected to be “client-ready,” with excellent manners, good appearance, and a kind heart. On the other hand, a knight was also a creature of war, and could be asked at any moment to get his hands dirty in the most direct form of problem-solving. We see ourselves in a similar light. Chivalry consultants are courteous, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and brimming with expertise. But when it’s time to solve a problem, or create a solution, we are ready to get hands-on.

Our Chivalric consultants can be relied upon to provide:

  • Best-case outcomes

  • Well-structured projects

  • Clear, consistent communication

  • Quantifiable milestones, budgets, and schedules

  • High ROI


Whether the project is short-term or semi-permanent, Chivalry is all about taking the long view of business. A satisfied client is worth more than a quick profit. Virtue and hard work are rewarded. Expertise and mission-focus yield the best results, and good things flow from good work.

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